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Different Types of Concrete Pump With Mixer Machines

The concret pump with mixer machine is a kind of trailer pump for sale, which integrates concrete mixing and pumping. It can directly pour concrete to the pouring point that meet the different construction needs of various construction sites. Through the three processes of mixing tank, hopper mixing blade and pipe extrusion, the concrete gets more even mixing.

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Many customers are intersted in this machine and inquire the price from Haomei Machinery. As we all know, we usually have different configurations for meeting different applications. Let’s first have a look of its different types.

1. Hydraulic pump or hydraulic valve. The hydraulic system not only has losng service life, but also has stable working performance, which can make the concret mixing pump operate continuously for 24 hours. With a large-bore cylinder and the abundant power of hydraulic system, the concrete mixing pump can pump to the eighteenth floor easily.

2. High concrete mixng and pumping capacity. Its biggest feature is that the 450L mixing tank is equipped with a 380mm diameter rubber wheel, which makes the pump's conveying performance very good. In actual operation, it usually takes less than forty seconds to mix and deliver one batch of concrete to the floor, and even the delivery volume can reach 15 cubic meters per hour.

3. Large-size conveying cylinder type. This type of concrete mixer with pump for sale can ensure that the relevant large stones and machine-made sand can be transported normally in many harsh environments. In addition, this type of pump is equipped with four hydraulic outriggers, which can greatly shorten the layout time and facilitate the movement.

The price of these three types varies a lot. If we want to choose a right model, we cannot only judge from the price. The performance of the concrete mixing pump and how much the product can bring us is worthy of our attention. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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