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Can A Trailer Line Pump Be Used in the Basement

The basement is a special concrete construction site. Because of its limited space, trailer line pump with a cute body is more suitable than large concrete machines and it is ways to move.

As we all know, Summer is a good season for construction. The high temperature and rain in summer are creating a good environment that helps to accelerate its setting and and speed up the construction progress.

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But for the pumping work of the concrete pump trailer, the high temperature in summer will bring a lot of trouble. The high temperature in summer is close to the lower limit of the normal operating temperature of the hydraulic system.

Once the pumping work is started, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will inevitably rise rapidly. Increasing temperature will reduce the viscosity of hydraulic oil, resulting in poor lubrication. At the same time, the hydraulic system components tend to increase wear and tear under the effect of thermal expansion and contraction.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to its daily maintenance to ensure its normal operation. As one of the professional trailer concrete pump manufacturers, Haomei offer you some tips:

  1. The hydraulic oil must be replaced regularly to ensure its quality and cleanliness.

  2. Regardless of the working principle of the pumping system, when the temperature of the hydraulic oil exceeds the normal working temperature, the pumping must be suspended to cool the system. Long-term over-temperature work will cause significant losses to the hydraulic system.

  3. Prevent pipe blocking under high temperature. Because of high temperature and strong sunlight, the commercial concrete is easy to dehydrate, which will cause the pipe to be blocked. Therefore, the pipe should be covered with wet straw or other cooling materials.

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