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How to Choose A Suitable Site for Wet Batch Concrete Plant

The wet batch concrete plant has two kinds: stationary concrete plant and portable concrete batch plant. Before building it, in addition to the funding problem, another key question is to choose a suitable site. How to choose one?

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1. The location of the stationary concrete plant should be convenient for the mixing plant to receive various raw materials and transport concrete. In order to reduce concrete separation and slump loss and temperature changes during transportation, the wet batch concrete plant should be as close to the construction site as possible, and the transportation distance should not exceed 20 minutes according to the time between concrete leaving the machine and entering the warehouse.

2. The area of the concrete mixing plant shall be convenient for water supply, drainage and power supply.

3. The wet batch concrete plant site should be kept away from residential areas as far as possible to prevent noise pollution from disturbing the residents.

4. Try not to occupy farmland, arable land and forest areas.

5. The establishment of a wet batch concrete plant must also take into account local soil and climate issues.

After find a proper site, we can start the following construction works:

1. After the site is selected, clean up the garbage and foreign objects on the site.

2. Level ground to ensure it is able to carry a certain weight, and do anti-seepage work.

3. When the ground of the portable concrete batch plant site is hardened, the drainage in the site should be considered to ensure that the drainage in the site is unobstructed. Settling tanks and drainage ditches should be provided.

4. The silo foundation needs to be supported by piles. 4 pile foundations are set under each cement silo.

5. The wet batch concrete plant should be equipped with a fence, and closed management should be adopted.

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