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What Is YHZS25 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

The YHZS25 mobile concrete mixing plant is a kind of mini mobile batching plant with a output of 25 m3/h. It is of flexible movement, simple and quick disassembly and assembly, stable performance, simple storage management, short mixing time, rapid discharge, uniform mixing, and high productivity.

It has complete functions, covering batching, mixing, metering, and control systems. With small land occupancy and low price, YHZS25 mobile plant is small and medium-sized hydropower, highways, ports, airports, bridges and other mobile projects.

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Mixing system

It uses JS500 concrete mixer, which is composed of electric motor, pulley, reducer, open gear, mixing drum, oil supply device and other components.

Batching system

The YHZS25 mobile concrete plant adopts PLD800 batching machine that is composed of feeding mechanism, weighing system, electrical control system and other components. The weighing method is lever plus single sensor, so the measurement is very accurate.

Conveyor system

It adopts the lifting bucket feeding method. The big advantage is that it occupies a small space. If you like to choose belt conveyor, welcome to contact us directly.

The belt conveyor has the advantages of long transportation distance, large transportation volume, continuous transportation, etc., and it is reliable in operation, easy to achieve automation and centralized control.

Control system

The control room of the mobile mixing plant is at the bottom of the main chassis. It is used as the front support point of the whole station when it is working. During the transportation, it is stored in the bracket.

Cement silo

We can offer the foreign customers the flake cement silo. It addresses many problems such as the difficulty in packaging, assembling and transportation.

Screw conveyor

Our screw conveyor has small angle, which is of a more stable working performance and high efficiency. Welcome to inquire mini mobile batching plant price from us directly.

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