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How to Correctly Choose Asphalt Tank in Mobile Asphalt Plant

The selection of asphalt tanks must meet the needs of continuous production of mobile asphalt plant and avoid excessive investment. It should be reasonably determined according to the needs of the asphalt mixing plant.

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1. The daily asphalt production m(t) of this mixing plant is:


In this formula, P-the upper limit of the production capacity of asphalt concrete mixing equipment (t/h), k-the asphalt content, its value is generally 2.5%-8% and the normal value is 5%, h-daily working hours. We set it as 10 hours.

2. The total amount of asphalt storage M(t) is

M=A•m=3×40=120 t

In the formula, A-storage coefficient, A>1. When the transportation distance of the replenishment asphalt is short and the vehicle capacity is sufficient, the value can be appropriately reduced.

After the total amount of asphalt storage is determined, the selection principles for the number and size of asphalt tanks are:

  • It should be suitable for the layout and installation of the small asphalt plant.

  • The production capacity of the asphalt high-temperature tank should meet the needs of continuous production of the asphalt mixing plant.

  • It is convenient for maintenance.

3. The heat required to heat asphalt is:

Q= T-L=M.C(T1-T2)/b +KF(Ty-T0)/S

In this formula, Q-heat required to heat the asphalt(kj/h); T-heat required to heat up the asphalt(kj/h); L- the heat lost in the asphalt heating process (kj/h); M- the weight of the heated asphalt(kg); T1 -the end temperature of the asphalt heating(ºC); T2-the initial temperature of the asphalt(ºC); C- average value of of specific heat, kj/kg•ºC; K- heat transfer coefficient of asphalt to air through tank wall( kj/m2•h•ºC); S-heating time(h); F- Surface area of horizontal asphalt tank(m2); Ty---average temperature of asphalt and Ty=(t0+t2)/2; T0----ambient temperature(ºC).

The heat required for keeping the temperature of the asphalt is calculated as follows:


In the formula, Q-heat required for keeping temperature of asphalt( kj/h); C--specific heat of the asphalt needing heat preservation(kj/kg•ºC); M- mass of the asphalt for heat preservation(kg);Δt- cooling rate(ºC/h).

According to the formula, the maximum heat required for heating and insulating asphalt can be calculated. Then we can calculate the heating capacity of the heating equipment.

Haomei Machinery, the asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, finally choose the heat-conducting oil heating equipment with the maximum heating capacity of 30×104kCal/h to be matched with the asphalt concrete mixing equipment for our customers, and the effect is very good.

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