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The Bag Type Dust Collector in Hot Asphalt Plant

The bag type dust collector is the best choice for dust control equipment in hot asphalt plant. At present, the typical one is composed of a closed steel structure containing dust collector filter bags, an ash conveying system, a fan, and an electronic control to form a complete set of asphalt dust removal system.

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Its principle is that the dust-containing exhaust gas discharged from the asphalt production equipment is filtered through a fabric dust bag inside the dust collector box before entering the atmosphere. The dust is accumulated outside the bag when they pass through the efficient filter bag.

As a hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery likes to introduce the work flow of bag type dust collector:

1. The dusty exhaust gas discharged from different production processes enters the primary dust collector (inertial separator or cyclone dust collector) through the pipeline, and the coarse dust is removed by the primary dust removal.

2. The dust-containing exhaust gas processed by the primary dust collector enters the bag dust collector slowly through the air inlet, and the diffused air fills the entire filter room.

3. The dust-containing airflow passes through the dust filter bag through the negative pressure of the fan and at the same time, the dust accumulates outside the bags.

4. With the continuous accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter bag, when the resistance of the dust collector reaches the programmed value, the ash cleaning system periodically sprays high-pressure air from the top of the dust bag, and the filter bag shakes violently, and dust falls into the hopper.

5. The clean air filtered by the bag filter is discharged into the atmosphere.

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