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How to Pass Hot Mix Asphalt Plants Emission Assessment

Environmental protection is the developing trend of the asphalt hot plant for sale. How to pass the emission assessment? It involves optimizing the hot asphalt plant structure and choose a right dust removal system.

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Improve design of the asphalt batching plant

Asphalt mixing plant equipment is a large dust producer, so to reduce the amount of dust production, we must start with improving the asphalt mixing equipment. Through the improvement of the whole machine design such as optimizing each sealing part of the machine, the asphalt mixing process is fully sealed, and the dust is controlled in the mixing equipment to reduce dust spillage.

In addition, the asphalt mix plant manufacturers need to optimize the design of the operation program of the mixing equipment, which has strict control of dust spillage in each link of the machine operation, so as to control the dust during the operation of the whole plant.

Dust removal system

There are three dust removal systems: wind dust removal, wet dust removal and bag dust removal. Wind dust removal is a relatively old-fashioned dust removal method. This method is to use a cyclone dust collector to perform dust removal operations.

Because this old-fashioned dust collector can only remove larger particles of dust, some small particles cannot be removed. They are still discharged into the atmosphere, causing the pollution to the surrounding environment, which cannot meet the requirements for dust treatment.

The working principle of wet dust removal is to use the adhesion of water to dust for dust removal. The wet dust removal has a high degree of dust treatment, but it easily causes water pollution. In addition, some construction areas do not have much water resources for dust removal.

Bag dust removal is a more suitable dust removal mode in asphalt mixing. Bag dust removal has the best dust removing effect. The bag dust removal device uses filter cloth to filter the gas. The larger particles of dust can settle down because of the gravity while the smaller particles will be filtered out when passing through the filter cloth.

Bag dust removal can also collect dust in the air, and when it accumulates to a certain extent, it can be recycled and reused. In the long-term view, we recommend bast dust removal system for the asphalt hot plant for sale.

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