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How to Find A Reliable Asphalt Plant

A standard general asphalt plant consists of material supply system, drying furnace, screening system, weighing system, mixing system, dust collection system, control system, etc. Its working principle is to dry the aggregate in the drying furnace, screen it through the screening system, and then weigh it through the weighing system. Finally, it is mixed with asphalt and other auxiliary materials for mixing and storage, and finally transported to the construction site for use.

The model of asphalt mixing equipment should be scientifically and reasonably selected according to the annual output. If the model is too large, the investment cost will increase and the effective use efficiency will be reduced; if the equipment model is too small, the output will be insufficient, resulting in the inability to improve the construction efficiency, thus prolonging the operation time, poor economy, and easy fatigue of construction personnel.

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As users' requirements for humanization, automation and intelligent control of equipment increase, the control system of Haomei asphalt batching plant will apply a large number of ergonomic design and mechatronics technology. While further improving the metering accuracy of asphalt mixing equipment, the requirements for automation, intelligent control and monitoring technology are also getting higher and higher.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, reducing the cost of asphalt mixing equipment has become a goal that many companies want to achieve. Among many costs, fuel cost is the largest consumption. In the process of asphalt mixing and heating, fuel needs to be used to supplement energy. Low-cost fuel, oil residue and heavy oil can be used to replace traditional diesel, thereby maximizing the control of fuel costs. Haomei asphalt plant supports this customization.

For quality asphalt mixture, our asphalt mixer adopts a spiral twin-shaft forced mixing method, and the rated productivity can be reached when the filling rate is 45%; the use of the latest concept of synchronous drive twin-shaft mixing system, centralized lubrication system, imported reducer, and imported bearings has created this high efficient asphalt mixer machine.

Asphalt mixing plant is an important equipment for highway construction, which integrates mechanical, electrical and automation technologies. The production capacity, metering accuracy, automation degree of control system, reliability of mechanical transmission and energy consumption rate of asphalt mixing plant are closely related to the installation of asphalt mixing plant. In addition to quality equipment, we can also provide professional installation guide. Welcome to inquire this reliable asphalt plant from us.

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