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The Waste Management of Mobile Asphalt Plant

The mobile asphalt plant is an important equipment for the prodution of asphalt concrete. Its raw materials include asphalt, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and powder.

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Asphalt: The common choice is to use the road petroleum asphalt as the binder. Road petroleum asphalt is divided into 7 grades according to the penetration degree, and each grade of asphalt is divided into three grades: A, B, and C, which are suitable for different grades of roads and different structural levels.

Corse aggregate: It refers to the aggregate with a particle size of 80-5mm, including crushed stone, broken gravel, slag,etc. The coarse aggregate is divided into 14 specifications according to the particle size.

Fine aggregate: refers to the part of the material with a particle size of 5-0.15mm.

Powder: The particle size is less than 0.074mm.

During production, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate are heated and graded to mix with the aggregate and powder to obtain asphalt mixture. At the same time, there are different kinds of waste generated. That needs scientific waste management:

1. Classificaton and centralized stacking

The powder is easy to float, and a closed storage warehouse needs to be established to prevent its secondary discharge; for aggregates, a special stacking site is set; the stacking of finished waste materials also needs to be concentrated.

2. Centralized processing

In order to reduce the waste and secondary pollution of waste materials, it is necessary to centrally treat these waste materials for reuse.

3. Centralized application

After centralized processing of powder and aggregates, the waste can be applied to the water-stable base of low-grade roads, or it can be used for different grades of asphalt roads by mixing new materials according to the specifications and dimensions of the waste.

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