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How to Improve the Performance of Self Loading Mixer Chassis

Under wet conditions, the self loading mixer is susceptible to rain erosion and rust. Most owners have a certain understanding of the chassis protection of self loading mixers. But how to judge the reinforcing quality?

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The material technology is the key to the reinforcing quality. At present, the commonly used sealing plastics for the chassis is generally single flexible resin materials or asphalt materials. Haomei Machinery chooses four products with unique performance. The multi-layer coating method is adopted to realize the protection of multiple functions.

It has comprehensive functions such as high adhesion, high wear resistance, impact resistance (high elasticity), corrosion resistance and noise resistance.

At the same time, the reinforcing process is also very important for the final performance of the chassis. Firstly, you must first fully check the condition of the self loading transit mixer to remove dirt, rust and oil layers, and use compressed air to dry the cement mixer truck chassis.

Then start spraying construction. When it comes to spraying, the spray gun nozzle should be kept at a distance of about 25 cm from the surface of the self loading cement mixer chassis. It needs moving slowly and evenly to ensure the uniformity of the sprayed layer.

One of the best spraying method is the continuous spraying of materials with high adsorption, high strength and high wear resistance. Spray the entire chassis of the self loading concrete mixer truck 4-12 times with each drying interval of 15-30 minutes. After spraying, the next step is to remove the obstacle and repair it.

After being reinforced, it can improve driving safety and comfort, so that the comprehensive function of the self mixing concrete truck can be fully shown.

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