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How to Remove Dust of Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

The dust collector of asphalt hot mix plant is usually a closed steel structure shell, consisting of bag filter, ash conveying system, a fan and an electric control. The principle is to filter the dust-containing waste gas discharged from the asphalt production equipment through the fabric dust bag inside the dust collector box before entering the atmosphere.

12 big parts of stationary asphalt batch plant.jpg The main process of dust and smoke treatment in asphalt mixing plant includes:

1. The dust-containing waste gas discharged from the drum mixer or dryer enters the primary dust collector (inertial separator or cyclone dust collector) through the pipeline, and the coarse particle dust is removed by the primary dust removal.

2. The dust-containing waste gas processed by the dust collector slowly enters the bag filter through the air inlet, and the diffused airflow fills the entire filter chamber.

3. The dust-containing airflow passes through the dust removal filter bag through the negative pressure of the induced draft fan, and the dust-containing airflow passes through the filter bag while dust accumulates on the outside of the filter bag.

4. With the continuous accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter bag, when the resistance of the dust collector reaches the programmed value, the dust removal system periodically injects high-pressure air from the top of the dust bag, and the filter bag shakes violently and the dust falls into the hopper.

5. The clean air flow filtered by the bag filter is discharged into the atmosphere through the induced draft fan.

Because most of them are cement powder, coal ash powder, mineral powder and dust mixed with sand and stone, the dust particles are between 1.0 and 500 μm, and the difference is small. It is suitable to choose a type of dust removal material.

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