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What Is The Control System of Stationary Asphalt Plant

The control system of stationary asphalt plant is like the brain of human body, which controls the whole process of asphalt mixing plant. What is the control system made up of?

The control system of Haomei stationary asphalt mixing plant consists of electrical control room, electrical control cabinet, display or touch screen operating system. It is the core part that controls the operation of the entire set of electrical components.

The electrical control system of asphalt mixing plant.jpg

In order to ensure the normal operation of the electrical control system, there are some tips for you:

1. Check whether the cable is worn

2. Clean the dust of the electrical components of the control cabinet

3. Check whether the control instruments everywhere are normal

4. Lightning protection devices should be installed at the highest point of the equipment to prevent lightning from damaging the electrical components and causing unnecessary losses.

As an experienced asphalt plant manufacturer, Haomei can give you professional guide during the whole process. If you have better suggestion or like to know more, welcome to contact us by the shown contact ways on the website.

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