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How to Transport Asphalt Batch Plant For Sale

After disassembling, how to transport the asphalt batch plant for sale to the destination safely? There are some tips from Haomei Machinery.

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Preparation work

Establish a transportation team, put forward the safety technical requirements for hoisting and transportation operations, and formulate a hoisting plan. Investigate the transit transportation routes, grasp the transportation distance and road construction.

Crane drivers and crane workers must hold special work certificates and have more than three years of work experience. The crane tonnage should meet the requirements of the hoisting plan, with complete licenses and certificates, and be inspected and qualified by the local technical supervision department.

Lifting and hoisting

The process of hoisting should strictly abide by the safety operation regulations. On-site hoisting operations must be directed by a professional worker. At the same time, it is equipped with full-time safety inspectors to eliminate unsafe factors in time.

The equipment that has been installed on the trailer should be fastened with sleepers, triangles, steel wire ropes and manual rewinding chains to avoid falling off during transportation of stationary asphalt mixing plant.


During the transportation, there should be a safety assurance team who is responsible for the transportation safety on the way. The security team should be equipped with the necessary tools and equipment and in the front of the transportation team.

Number the fleet before departure, and drive in the order of numbering during driving. When transporting equipment that cannot be dismantled and whose volume exceeds the specified value, an obvious sign shall be set up at the exceeding part, and a red flag shall be hung during the day and a red light at night.

On ordinary highways, a safe distance of about 100 m between vehicles should be maintained; on expressways, a safe distance of about 200 m between vehicles should be maintained. In case of temporary parking, the drivers and occupants of each vehicle shall not leave the vehicle. When the vehicle stops temporarily, double flashing lights are required to warn.

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