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The Safe Operational Tips of Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

Asphalt hot mix plant is a common equipment for road,bridge, airport and dock construction. How to safely operate it? There are several tips.

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1. Various mechanical and electrical equipment of the asphalt batch plant must be carefully checked by mechanics, electricians, and computer operators before operation, and the plant can starts working after being confirmed that they are normal and intact.

2. After the hot mix plant for sale is put into operation, all departments and workers must monitor the operation of each part at any time and must not leave the post without authorization.

3. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to approach various operating systems during operation.

4. If any abnormal situation is found during operation, the team manager should be reported and the fault should be eliminated in time. Before stopping, the feeding should be stopped first, and the whole machine only can be stopped after the material of drying drum and other parts has been discharged.

5. While the mixer is running, do not use tools to reach into the drum for digging or cleaning. When cleaning is required, it must be stopped.

6. When the hopper is raised, no one is allowed to work or pass under the hopper. When inspecting the hopper, the safety chain should be hung up.

As a hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery pays attention to every detail. The stairs has been set in the parts of the mixing plant where the machinery and equipment need to be checked frequently.

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