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Five Steps to Help You Choose Hot Asphalt Plant

When you choose an hot asphalt plant, the one with the highest production capacity and the top configuration is not the best, and the one complying with your need is the best. There are five steps to you when purchasing.


1. Determine its specific uses and type

According to the engineering requirements, determine the specific use and type of asphalt hot mix plant.

  • If the newly built road is of large scale and high grade, LB batch type hot mix plant should be selected. If the construction scale is small, no additives are required, and the grade is not high, asphalt drum mix plant is an economic choice.

  • If the road project has a long mileage and a narrow road surface, it needs a frequent transmission of asphalt batching plant. Then, the mobile asphalt mixing plant is a better choice.

  • If the project is in a hilly area and the installation space of the mixing plant is limited, a small portable asphalt plant is the wise choice.

2. Capacity Requirements

According to the project scale, calculate the average output per hour of the asphalt mixing plant. If the calculation result is 40 tons, then choose a batch type hot mix plant with a capacity of 50t/h or 60 t/h.

For another example, if the output within 8 working hours is to reach 3000 tons, then it is best to choose a mixing plant with a capacity of 400 t/h. In practical operation, the real capacity of the asphalt batch plant can reach 80%-90% of its theoretical capacity.

3. Whether it can meet local road construction standards and environmental protection and energy saving requirements

Different countries and regions have different road construction regulations. The regulations stipulates the particle size of sand and other cold materials used for road paving, and the screen size needs to be adjusted for this. Different countries and regions have different environmental protection and energy conservation standards.

If they fail to meet the standards, they may have to bear the risk of being ordered to shut down for rectification. Choosing an environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant has high costs, but in the long run, the investment benefits are more impressive.

4. Determine the price range

The purchasing budget directly determines how much capacity and type of asphalt mixing plant you can choose. In order to make full use of the budget to avoid unnecessary expenditures, in addition to the various needs of the project, it is necessary to consider the cost performance of different manufacturers and different types of asphalt mixing plants.

The cost performance of batch type hot mix plant greatly influence how soon and how much our profit will be.

5. Choose asphalt mix plant manufacturer

With a reliable asphalt mix plant manufacturer, the cost of operating and maintaining the asphalt mixing plant is relatively low. How to choose a reliable asphalt mixing plant manufacturer among so many manufacturers?

There are two tips for you: to see if if the manufacturer has been operating long enough and if the asphalt mixing plant series is complete and the models are complete.

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