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The Quality Management of Asphalt Premix Plant

How to ensure the asphalt quality produced by the asphalt premix plant? Stable cold material gradation and cold material feed ratio can ensure the stable gradation of hot material after secondary screening.

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During the hot mix plant working process, the hot silo must not be manually forced to replenish the hot silo due to overflow or the insufficient material, otherwise it wll cause a large error in the gradation of the mixture.

On the premise of ensuring the stability of the raw materials, timely and accurately adjust the feeding speed and proportion of the cold storage bin, strengthen the inspection and cleaning of the blockage of the screen, and try to avoid the occurrence of overflow.

Since the asphalt premix plant adopts an automatic weighing system, accurate measurement is the key to ensuring the quality of the mixture and the accuracy of the oil-stone ratio. It is necessary to regularly calibrate the measurement system and do laboratory extraction and screening follow-up inspection.

During the construction process, the single gradation of the aggregate cannot be completely consistent and completely stable, and the blockage of the screen is often a key factor affecting the gradation of the mixture. According to the target mix design and the screen determination result, the setting ratio of each hot silo should not be less than 8%.

Generally speaking, in order to ensure the stability of the fine aggregate gradation in the last layer of hot silo, the last layer of screen should adopt a smaller size, such as the commonly used 3mm×3m m or 3mm×4m m size.

The oil-stone ratio is controlled by using an electronic weighing device to weigh various materials separately. The construction site laboratory should check the oil-stone ratio and gradation at any time. As long as it is normal, the adjusted equipment is not allowed to change various data settings at will.

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