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JS1500 Concrete Mixer for Sale

JS1500 concrete mixer makes use of the rotary motion of the mixing shaft to drive the mixing blades to shear, squeeze and mix the materials, so that the materials are fully mixed in the relatively violent movement. It can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate and various mortars.

JS1500 concrete mixer belongs to the big concrete mixer. It can be use alone or form a concrete mixing plant with the PLD series batching machine. All the operation of the concrete mixing plant with JS1500concrete mixer is carried out in a closed environment from feeding to batching, metering, feeding and mixing.

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The concrete mixing plant is equipped with a dust removal system, and the aggregate conveyor is also a fully enclosed structure, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by dust and noise.

The JS1500 concrete mixer is a kind of twin shaft concrete mixer for sale, which can mix all concrete with short mixing period and good mixing quality. Because it discharges 1.5 square meters each time, it is also called 1.5 m3 concrete mixer.

The body of JS1500 concrete mixer is made of thick wear-resistant steel plate and with the advanced welding technology, so it has a longer service life. Because it has the advantages of good mixing quality, low energy consumption and high efficiency, it has been a choice of the majority of concrete mixing users.

The design of the twin-shaft mixer meets the needs of the market, and its wide application in construction reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the quality and efficiency of the mixture.

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