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The Shortcomings of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for Sale

The twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is commonly used as the mixing host of different concrete batching plant. It certainly has many advantages such as high mixing efficiency and excellent mixing performance. But during our purchase and operation, we also need to know its shortcoming to ensure its stable working as much as possible.


The slurry leakage at the shaft end of the twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is the the existing shortcoming of the equipment. Haomei Machinery keeps improving the design of the shaft end sealing.

The shaft end seal is equipped with a floating oil seal ring plus a multi-layer labyrinth seal structure composed of special seals and mechanical seals. This provides multiple protections and reliable sealing.

Although the sealing time of the shaft time is greatly prolonged, it still requires the users to maintain the equipment in time, otherwise the shaft end leakage will eventually occur.

Another shortcoming is the mixing arm. The raw materials mixed by the twin-shaft mixer are sand, gravel, cement, and water. The mixing arms can mix more than 20,000 cubic meters under normal conditions. But the mixing arms of some concrete mixers are easy to break. Why? It is mainly because of the mixing arm material.

The mixing arms of the quality concrete mixers have a wear-resistant layer. If the material of the mixing arm is poor and the wear-resistant layer is thin, the mixing arm will easily break. In addition to the quality of the mixing arm, the operation will also affect its service life.

There are two tips: do not overload. For example, the mixing capacity is 1000L, but you fill in 1200L. The mixing tank is filled, the motor cannot rotate, and the mixing arm is also easy to break.

Another suggestion is that the mixing materials must meet specifications. If the mixing stones are made of pebbles, the mixing arm is also easy to break because the pebbles are too hard.

The China twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturing level has reached an advanced level. It is a very cost-effective choice. Welcome to leave message below to get the twin shaft concrete mixer price.

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