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Single Shaft Concrete Mixer VS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

The single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer both belong to the compulsory concrete mixer. The common models of single shaft concrete mixer are JDC350 and JDC500 while that of the latter has richer models. In addition to models, they also have many differences.

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1. The transmission system of the mixing shaft

The transmission system of the single shaft concrete mixer is a chain transmission structure; while the transmission system of the twin shaft concrete mixer is a V-belt and slip gear structure. Compared with a single-shaft mixer, the noise generated by the double-shaft mixer during the transmission process is relatively low. And its design has an overload protection function, which is relatively safe and convenient.

2. The mixing effect

In the production of common types of concrete, the mixing effect of single shaft mixer is comparable to that of the double-shaft mixer, but for the high grade concrete such as dry hard concrete, its mixing effect is very poor. The overall mixing effect of the double-shaft mixer is better than that of the single-shaft, and the degree of wear is very low.

3. The discharging performance

The size of the discharge port of the single shaft concrete mixer is relatively fixed, which is difficult to adjust in actual production, and its discharge door is very easy to be stuck, and the discharge performance is very general. The twin shaft concrete mixer effectively solves this problem.

All in all, the comprehensive performance of twin shaft concrete mixer is better than single shaft mixer. That doesn’t mean that you must choose twin shaft concrete mixer. It depends on your projects and budget. Haomei Machinery, a big concrete mixer manufacture in China has both kinds. Welcome to leave message blow to get a quote directly.

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