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The Daily Maintenance of Mini Asphalt Plants for Sale

In the mini asphalt plants for sale, the asphalt mixer is the critical part. And for the asphalt concrete mixer, the most important part is the tank. The wear degree of the tank is also relatively more serious than other parts.

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In daily maintenance, no matter it is the lining plate or the blade, timely replacement is necessary. And the operator also needs to pay attention to the condition of the mixing shaft. The relevant personnel should make timely adjustments for the clearance between the blades and the mixing tank.

After the concrete mixing,the relevant personnel should wash the inside and outside of the tank in time. During the washing process, the personnel should carefully check if the mixing shaft and blades are stuck with concrete residue. If the cleaning is not done very well, the problems will occur in the future.

For small asphalt plant, the reducer also has great effect on the normal operation of the batcher. The use of lubricating oil in the reducer also needs making change according to the seasons to avoid the use of the wrong lubricating oil affecting the deceleration.

As a manufacturer of small asphalt plant for sale, Haomei Machinery knows the daily maintenance of the asphalt plant is a complicated work. If you like to get more targeted guide, welcome to contact us directly.

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