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What Does The Drying System of Hot Asphalt Plant Consist of

The drying system of the hot asphalt plant is responsible for removing moisture from the material to make it dry and reach a certain temperature, which has close relationship with the final mixing quality. To reach this purpose, the drying system needs a certain amount of heat.

lb2000 hot mix asphalt plant.jpgThe main body of the drying system is a drying drum. After entering the drying drum, the aggregate has a direct contact with the hot gas generated by the burner. In order to prevent the high temperature from adversely affecting the barrel, the drum is made of the heat-resistant and wear-resistant steel plates and is processed by coil welding.

In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the drying drum, air must be restricted from entering the drying drum from the joint of the drum and the inlet and outlet parts. A suitable sealing way is needed to reduce the occurrence of air leakage.

When hot mix asphalt plant is working, it is not allowed to adjust the two ends to avoid danger. In order to make the aggregates evenly disperse in the drying drum and fully absorb the heat, the drum is also equipped with several special parts.

Since Haomei Machinery has complete models of hot mix asphalt plant for sale, our design of drying system may has a little difference according to the corresponding processing capacity. If you like to get more details, welcome to contact us directly.

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