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The Main Models of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers

The twin shaft concrete mixer can be used independently and used as the mixing host of the concrete batching plant. What are its advantages?


Even mixing

Its mixing not only occurs in the radial direction, but also occurs on the axis. The main mixing zone is located in the circumferential direction of the mixing body, which can make full use of the mixing space. In the case of low speed, a uniform mixing mode can be achieved in a short time, and a good mixing effect can be achieved.

High mixing efficiency

Its mixing efficiency is high. And with a hydrostatic starter, the mixing noise is small, and the mixing material is directly at the discharge port after mixing, and the discharge time is short.

Better abrasion resistance

Most of the concrete is accumulated between the two mixing shafts, so that the abrasion between the mixing arm and the blade and the bottom liner is reduced, with only slight abrasion.

Main models

1. JS750 concrete mixer

It has a rated discharge capacity of 0.75 cubic meters of concrete each time. It has a series of advantages such as uniform mixing, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, convenient operation, and short cycle time. It is suitable for various small and medium-sized construction projects.

Haomei JS750 concrete mixer adopts high wear-resistant alloy mixing arm technology, which has good mixing quality and high mixing efficiency.

2. JS1000 concrete mixer

It has a rated discharge capacity of 1 cubic meter of concrete each time. It is mostly used as the mixing host of HZS50 and HZS60 stationary concrete batching plant. It can meet all kinds of large and medium-sized concrete prefabricated plants, highways, bridges, water conservancy, docks and industrial and civil buildings.

Haomei JS1000 concrete mixer adopts oil-free shaft end sealing system and the pressurized upper cover draining system, bringing better mixing performance.

3. JS1500 concrete mixer

JS1500 concrete mixer is mainly suitable for larger construction projects. It can not only mix dry hard concrete, but also mix light aggregate concrete. It is a multifunctional mixer. Haomei Machinery adopts a large space and low volume utilization design, which makes the space more spacious and makes mixing easier. If you like to know the concrete mixer harbor freight, welcome to contact us directly.

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