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The Manufacturing Level of Long Boom Concrete Pump in China

The boom manufacturing technology is a key technology of the long boom concrete pump. With the development of the commercial concrete industry, concrete pump truck is developing in the direction of more complete specifications, higher grades, and longer booms. The mainstream of concrete pump truck has gradually changed from 37 meter to 42-45 meter concrete pump. 47-56 meter concrete pump is also getting more popularity.

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As the progress of the project accelerates, there is also an increased demand for pumping displacement. In the past, the displacement of 60 to 80 cubic meters per hour accounted for about 60%, and now the displacement of 80 to 120 cubic meters per hour is required.

The hydraulic system is developing in an integrated direction. The open system and constant power control are generally used. The open system has many advantages such as low oil temperature, high reliability, and easy maintenance. At the same time, breakthroughs have been made in full hydraulic control technology and computer control technology.

At the same time, the pressure of the hydraulic system is also constantly increasing, basically above 32MPa. Therefore, the transportation distance is also increasing. The maximum horizontal transportation distance has exceeded 2000 meters, and the maximum vertical pumping height can also reach more than 500 meters.

Improving the energy-saving and environmental protection performance of equipment has also become a major trend in the development of pump trucks. Air cooling gradually replaces water cooling, and the emission standards of engines continue to increase, most of which meet Euro II or Euro III standards.

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