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What Are The Common Problems of Concrete Boom Pump Truck

The concrete boom pump truck consists of three parts: chassis, upper body and booms. The chassis mainly provides power for the pump truck; the upper body he base of the whole pump truck, supporting the whole pump truck during work; and boom system is mainly used to support the pump pipe. The concrete will be transported to the pouring point through the pump pipe.

In many cases, the failure of the boom system will directly cause the pump truck to stop working, or the concrete pouring speed is too slow, which greatly affects the construction efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the common failures of the concrete pump long boom.

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There are two serious problems: fatigue cracking of boom and pipe plugging. When the boom is working, it needs to bear the huge impact force of the concrete, which will cause the boom to swing up, down, left and right,thus making the booms deform.

Although the booms can withstand such deformation in a short time, the material of the boom will definitely suffer from metal fatigue, which will eventually cause the boom to crack over a long period of time.

Facing to this problem, the operator must pay attention to the daily inspection of the boom. Even the slightest crack marks can not be let through, and at the same time, the boom cannot be overloaded. The end of the hose can not be extended to use, which will increase the load of the booms.

Pipe plugging is the most troublesome problem for every pump worker. There are many reasons for pipe blockage, such as poor fluidity of concrete, segregation of concrete, improper ratio of sand to gravel in concrete and insufficient pressure in the pumping hydraulic system.

To solve the problem of pipe plugging, the most important thing is to ensure the continuity of pumping. The time that the concrete stays in the pump tube should not be too long, which will lead to the segregation of concrete. Before starting pumping, the operator had better use mortar to lubricate the pump tube.

The daily maintenance and inspection of the boom systems is very important. The accidents caused by the boom problems are usually serious, which is a severe test for safe production. As a concrete pump truck manufacturer, Haomei Machinery keeps improving the design of the boom system.

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