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What Do You Like to Know About Small Line Concrete Pumping

The trailer concrete pump is the cheapest among the three, that is concrete pump trailer, truck mounted concrete pump and concrete boom pump. There are electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump. The difference is that the power source of the hydraulic system is provided by the motor or the diesel engine.

The operating noise of the electric small line concrete pumping is relatively small, but the motor pump needs to set up power lines, which is troublesome. If there is no suitable power supply, or the erection circuit is too long, it is not recommended to choose a electric concrete pump. Diesel pumps are relatively flexible when working. If it is in a place where there is no sufficient power supply, of course it is safer to choose a diesel pump.

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The relationship between the power of the concrete pump, the outlet pressure of the concrete delivery pump, and the delivery volume of the concrete pump: the motor power of a concrete pump trailer is the prerequisite for determining the outlet pressure and the delivery volume. In the case of a certain motor power, the increase of the pressure will reduce the delivery volume; on the contrary, reducing the outlet pressure will increase the delivery volume.

The ready mix concrete line pump relies on the delivery pipeline to pump concrete, so the configuration of the delivery pipeline is also one of the important procedures of the operation. Pipeline design should try to avoid bending pipes, and adopt straight lines to ensure that the pipe joints are sealed and leak-free. Pipelines should not be placed directly on the ground, and pads should be prepared. If it is a high-rise building construction that transports concrete upwards, it is also necessary to arrange fixing devices to fix the pipeline.

There are many factors that determine the pumping distance of the ready mix concrete pump truck. The first is the maximum pumping pressure of the equipment, which directly determines the farthest pumping height and horizontal distance. Secondly, the performance of concrete will also affect its pumping distance.

The performance of the truck mounted concrete pump is related to the model. When selecting the model, in addition to the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, site conditions, construction technical requirements and surrounding environment should also be considered. The main performance parameters of the concrete pump truck usually selected should be in line with the construction requirements or slightly larger.

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