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What Is Tower Concrete Pump

Trailer concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pumps and boom pump trucks are all concrete delivery equipment, which make uses of he pumpability of concrete to deliver concrete to designated pouring points. These three types of equipment are also the most common concrete machinery on the market. The concrete pump trailer is the cheapest among the three.

There are two types: electrical concrete pump and diesel concrete pump. At present, it is very difficult to connect to the power supply in many areas, especially for some special projects such as slope protection or field projects. Its pumping rely on diesel engine power. No need for electric support is much more convenient.

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It is equipped with special pipes, which can transport the concrete along the pipes to the pouring site. The speed and conveying height of the pumped concrete are determined by the parameters of the main oil pump, and the horizontal distance is determined by the length of the pipes. It is suitable for fixed concrete pouring on site, and can ensure the uniformity of the concrete and increase the compactness. The basic conveying distance of Haomei concrete line pump can reach 200 meters in the horizontal direction and more than 80 meters in the vertical direction.

The concrete pump trailer has a high degree of automation, which greatly reduces the number of operators. The limitation of the truck mounted concrete pump is mainly reflected in the size and slump of the concrete aggregate meeting the pumping requirements. In addition, it is difficult to pump dry and hard concrete, which increases its limitations. When the temperature is very low, it is not easy to construct.

There are many factors that determine the pumping distance of the trailer concrete pump. The first is the maximum pumping pressure of the equipment, which directly determines the farthest pumping height and horizontal distance. Secondly, the performance of concrete will also affect its pumping distance. For the same trailer pump, concrete with low strength will be pumped farther than concrete with high strength.

The tower concrete pump usually has three types of valves to choose from: butterfly valve, S valve and gate valve. The butterfly valve has the best adaptability to aggregates, but the cross-sectional area of the reversing swing is relatively large, which is suitable for low- and medium-pressure concrete delivery pumps, and is suitable for infrastructure construction.

The valve has less pressure loss during the pumping process, and the concrete flow path is smooth, but due to the limitation of the pipe diameter, it has higher requirements for the aggregate. It is suitable for medium and high pressure pumps, and is suitable for high-rise buildings and high-quality concrete. The performance of the gate valve is between the butterfly valve and the S valve, and it is widely used in medium pressure pumps.

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