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How to Replace Oil of Concrete Mixing Pump Factory

With reliable quality, Haeomei Machinery keeps good contact with our customers. The following tips is provided by our concrete mixer pump factory customer on how to replace hydraulic oil.

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Step 1:

The inspection of the hydraulic oil used in the system is a very important step for the maintenance of the concrete mixer machine with pump. Generally, the color of the hydraulic oil should be transparent with light yellow. If it is turbid or emulsified, we need to replace it.

Step 2:

If the original oil of the concrete mixing pump factory is very dirty, it is recommended to clean the system with kerosene after releasing it, and then clean it with working oil or low-viscosity naphthenic oil. Under normal circumstances, cleaning the fuel tank should not be wiped with cotton yarn or cotton cloth. It is recommended to use compressed air to blow the fuel tank clean after circulating cleaning and draining with cleaning oil.

Step 3:

As for how to choose new oil for the diesel concrete mixer pump, it is recommended to check the brand and quality of the new oil first. During the replacement process, the operator must not use other brands, let alone mix the two brands together.

There are some tips for the operator´╝ÜWhen working, wear protective glasses. It is best to complete the work on the same day, so as to avoid the water in the air will form water vapor and condense into frost, and enter the system to rust the metal parts, causing hidden troubles.

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