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How Does 10 Wheeler Concrete Truck Work

8 m3 concrete truck, also called 10 yard concrete truck is to transport the pre-mixed concrete to the construction site. During the transportation, the drum keep rotating to prevent the concrete from stratification and education. How does it work?

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Working Principle of 10 wheeler concrete truck

The power is output from the full power take-off of the second-class chassis, and the power is transmitted to the hydraulic pump through the transmission shaft. The hydraulic energy generated by the hydraulic pump is transmitted to the hydraulic motor through the oil pipe. The hydraulic motor converts the hydraulic energy into kinetic energy and transmits it to the mixing drum through the reducer.

The mixing function

During the transportation of concrete, it is necessary to keep the mixing tank rotating at a low speed of 1-3 revolutions per minute to ensure the homogeneity of the concrete and at the same time prevent the segregation of the concrete.

The loading function

When the concrete truck is loading concrete, the speed of the mixing tank is faster, usually 6-10 rpm. The concrete enters the mixing drum through the charging system from the barrel mouth duct, and flows to the lower middle of the mixing drum under the guidance of the spiral blade. The direction of rotation of the tank during loading should be consistent with that during transportation, otherwise the concrete will be discharged during transportation.

The discharging function

When the 10 yard concrete truck is unloading, the engine transmits power to the mixing tank through a power take-off, hydraulic pump, reducer, etc., driving the tank to rotate at a speed of 3-14 rpm.

The concrete is pushed by the spiral movement of the blade to the direction of the barrel mouth and discharge it through the discharge hopper of the mixer truck. At this time, the rotation direction of the tank body is opposite to the direction during feeding.

The cleaning function

The water tank is pressurized through the air storage cylinder of the brake system, and the water flow with high pressure make a better cleaning of the mixing drum, the loading port and the discharge system.

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