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The Hydraulic Part of 4 Yard Mixer Truck for Sale

The three major hydraulic parts of the 4 yard mixer truck for sale are variable pump, motor and reducer. The protection and maintenance of the reducer are particularly important. The following mainly introduces the relevant requirements for the accurate use and maintenance of the reducer:


1. The engine speed is not allowed to be too high. The speed should be gradually increased from slow to fast. The speed of the mixing drum should not exceed 18 rpm 2 minutes before starting. The speed of the first operation of the reducer at the water pump should not exceed 15 rpm. High engine speed will cause damage to the gearbox.

2. The first oil change should be done after 500 hours of operation of the 4 yard concrete mixer truck for sale. The oil filter will be replaced together. The second oil change will be done after the concrete truck has worked again for 2000 hours. It is forbidden to mix oils of different brands.

3. After changing oil, the driver of the 4 yard concrete truck for sale needs to check the tightening of the connecting bolts. Check the oil level once a month.

4. According to incomplete statistics, 95% of the damage to the hydraulic system is caused by failure to replace the hydraulic oil in time. After the first replacement, it is OK to replace it every six months to a year.

5. After the new concrete truck is used for 50 hours for the first time, you need to use a torque wrench to tighten the reducer flange bolts (reducer base bolts)

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