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The Size and Structure of 4 yard concrete mixer truck for sale

The 4 yard concrete mixer truck for sale is a special truck for transporting concrete for construction. Those parts such as mixing drum and hydraulic power systems are installed on the chassis of the truck.

During the transportation, the mixing drum must keep rotating to ensure that the concrete carried will not set. After the transportation, the inside of the mixing drum is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying space and making the volume of the mixing drum less.


4 yard mixer truck for sale is a small concrete truck. Other common sizes of concrete mixer truck are 3 yard, 5 yard and 10 yard. Its main parts include a chassis system, a hydraulic transmission system, a mixing tank, a discharge system, a cleaning system, an auxiliary frame, a control system, a supporting wheel system, a feed system and the circuit system. Of them, four main parts are the chassis, mixing drum, transmission system and water supply system.

Chassis system: It is the main component of the concrete mixer truck. The transportation function of the entire concrete mixer truck is realized by the chassis.

Hydraulic transmission system: The engine power taken out by the power take-off is converted into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then output by the motor as mechanical energy (speed and torque) to provide power for the rotation of the mixing drum.

Mixing drum: The mixing drum is a key part of the 4 yard concrete truck for sale and a container for storing concrete, which plays a decisive role in preventing the solidification and segregation of concrete. There are blades inside the tank, which mainly serve as mixing and discharging.

Cleaning system: The cleaning system is mainly composed of pressure water tank, water gun, water pipe and valve. The water supply relies on the air pressure. The main function is to flush the hopper after loading and flush the mixing drum and discharge tank after discharging to prevent the concrete from sticking.

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