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The Acceptance Rules of China Concrete Batching Plant

To ensure the quality and reliable working performance, each China concrete batching plant need to pass factory test. With our own China stationary concrete batching plant factory, Haomei Machinery has clear and strict acceptance rules.

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Idling test

1. After the power is turned on, first turn on the air compressor to reach the rated pressure. The control valve, pipeline, cylinder and other components are without air leakage, and the safety valve or pressure limiting valve can perform reliable operations.

2. The concrete batching plant is continuously idling for a cycle to check whether the operation of each component is normal, flexible and reliable..

3. Place standard weights in the sand weighing hopper and cement weighing hopper to the maximum range to observe whether it meets the requirements.

Load Test

When check the quality of stationary concrete batching plant, the manufacturer shall carry out a load test.

1. The bet conveyor and the hopper lifter can be started and braked at any time when working under the rated load, and there should be no abnormal noise. All the supporting rollers and supporting wheels can work normally. There should be no leakage of the conveyed materials.

2. Use a stopwatch to check whether the weighing time of the aggregate meets the requirements. Check weighing accuracy with standard scale.

3. Use a stopwatch to measure the time interval from start to stop of the screw conveyor.

4. Fill the water pump to divert water and pump. There should be no leakage.

5. Measure the working cycle period of the stationary concrete plant under the fully automatic cycle conditions and calculate the actual production capacity.

6. Determine the productivity of the belt conveyor and bucket elevator.

7. Measure the average input power of each moving part under rated load and check its power matching performance.

8. The concrete batching plant should be tested for strength of concrete test block. The size of the test block is 150mmX150mmX150mm.

After strict test and inspection, Haomei stationary concrete batching plants has been exported to many foreign countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia,etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire batching plant cost.

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