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The Developing Level of China Asphalt Mixing Plant

AMP asphalt mixing plant generally consists of cold material supply system, aggregate drying and heating system, hot material lifting device, vibrating screening system, heat transfer oil heating (or electric heating) system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, metering system, additive metering and conveying system, mixing device, asphalt fume and dust filter and dust removal system, electrical control system, storage and unloading system and other components.

The quality of the whole set of equipment depends on the technical development level of each link and the well-coordinated supporting application. For decades, with the rapid extension of my country's highway mileage, especially highway mileage, the world's largest market for asphalt mixing equipment has been created.

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From the perspective of national policy orientation and market demand, the development direction of asphalt mixing equipment towards energy saving, environmental protection, automation and informatization is undoubtedly, but it must be under the conditions of meeting construction specifications and market acceptance, towards cost lower and more efficient.

With the industrialization of asphalt mixing equipment, the market share of China asphalt mixing plant will catch up with foreign brands. From the perspective of market share, nearly 90% of the single-unit use of strong mixing equipment in the domestic market is provided by domestic manufacturers, which dominates the market. Among them, Haomei asphalt mixing plant is a popular choice.

Continuous asphalt plant is of high productivity, good environmental performance, low manufacturing and use costs, etc., but it has high requirements on raw materials and is difficult to measure. The productivity of a single machine should be matched with the transportation distance of asphalt mixture, paving and compaction process. Most of the continuous asphalt mixing plants are exported abroad.

Pollution emissions from asphalt mixing equipment are mainly asphalt fume and dust. Whether it is a fully enclosed form or a factory building, it is solving the problem of fugitive emissions. The current asphalt fume treatment method and dust removal and filtration technology have developed to a fairly good level, but they are all back-end treatment technologies and have not solved the problem from the source.

The development direction of this industry should be to control the generation of pollutants from the front end, especially the generation of asphalt smoke. . At present, the main advanced achievements include warm mixing technology and microwave heating technology.

Whether it is warm mix technology or microwave heating technology, or other forms of front-end emission reduction technology, it only greatly reduces the generation of pollutants, and pollution emissions in the production process of asphalt mixture are unavoidable, so the back-end dust removal and filtration is essential.

Warm mix technology is bound to be a direction for the development of asphalt mixing equipment in my country. At the same time, the breakthrough of microwave technology will leave a glorious page in the history of China asphalt mixing plant development.

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