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The Models and Crafts of Hydraulic Hollow Block Machine

There are many models of hydraulic hollow block machines. Different hollow blocks machine makers also have large differences in the design structure, internal configuration and performance, which lead to the customers’ difficulty in model choice. There are a simple and clear introduction. Lets’ have a look together.

There are three types: four-type, six-type and eight-type.Four-type refers to that the number of hollow blocks with a size of 390×190×190 (mm)at one time is four; six-type, the number of hollow blocks with a size of 390×190×190 (mm) is six; eight-type, the number of hollow blocks with a size of 390×190×190 (mm) is eight.

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In addition to the difference of the brick number at one time, the main difference lies in the configuration of the main engine, hydraulic pump station and power distribution cabinet. The upper pressure head of the four-type host is generally a single cylinder, and the sixth-type and eighth-type are generally double cylinders.

Type II and Type IV vibration devices usually use two ordinary motors or brake motors as vibration power. Type 6 and Type 8 vibration devices usually use two hydraulic motors as the vibration power. It's just that the power of the six- and eight-type power distribution systems is usually greater than the power of the four-type power distribution system.

The four-type concrete brick machine usually adopts a small-flow manual control while the six-type and eight-type concrete block machine usually adopts a large-flow automatic proportional valve control system.

After buying a hollow concrete block machine, how to debugger a machine? The hollow block machines generally started through the sequence of pump station commissioning and system commissioning. First, we need to start the hydraulic system, and then ensure that the working pressure of the accumulator is the same as the pressure value of the controlled actuator.

At this time, the pressure adjustment value is about 0.4-0.7Mpa less than the pressure setting value of the safety valve, and then the idling operation is started. Generally, the user can decide the time of idling operation according to their actual production conditions, but it cannot be less than 5 minutes.

Through idling, we can see if there are some problems with the hollow cement brick machine, which will help us find and solve the problem of the hollow block machine. as soon as possible. After confirming that there is no problem, we can start the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic hollow block machine. Welcome to leave message below to inquire hollow brick making machine price.

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