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The Quality Management of Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

The batch type hot mix plant is the core special equipment in road construction projects. It is used for the manufacturing of various asphalt mixtures, and it plays a pivotal role in road construction. The quality of asphalt mixture is affected by many factors such as the quality of raw materials, therefore there are obvious quality fluctuations in the actual production process.

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How to obtain asphalt mixture with excellent performance through the strict quality management of the hot mix asphalt for sale?

The batch mix plant is mainly composed of cold silo, heating drum, dust box, hot sieve, hot silo, ore powder tank, asphalt tank, electronic scale, asphalt mixer, finished product silo, etc. Only by grasping the overall composition of the mixing plant and the realization principle of each part of the function, can we make purposeful adjustment and management for the specific type of asphalt mixture.

Target mix ratio and production mix ratio are the core steps of asphalt mixture mix ratio design. One of the important contents of the target mix ratio is the use of cold materials for grading design to meet the requirements of the national standard grading range.

The production mix ratio is that the mixing station operates according to the result of the production mix ratio and takes samples from the hot material bin to obtain different specifications of the hot material gradation.

The pertinent target mix ratio and production mix ratio are the key to obtaining asphalt mixtures with excellent performance and meeting engineering requirements.

Stable mixing that meets the design requirements of the mix ratio is the key to get good asphalt mixture performance.

In actual production, due to factors such as fluctuations in the quality of raw materials, the heating temperature control of raw materials and mixtures, and the way of loading the finished mixtures, etc., the actual production quality of asphalt mixtures is likely to fluctuate too.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the operation of the hot mix plant in response to various problems that may occur in actual production, improve the stability of the mixture production, and achieve the design target of the mix ratio. These are some suggestions from the hot mix asphalt plant manufacturers.

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