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Where To Buy An Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

The hollow brick machine is a type of non-combustible brick machine. It uses slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement and other main raw materials to mix and form. t is a mechanical equipment that presses building materials with high pressure through a hydraulic system.

The automatic hollow block making machine uses imported touch screens, PLC, hydraulic parts and electrical control parts to integrate the machine, electricity and hydraulics of the equipment. Equipment fault alarm, parameter setting and other functions can be controlled through the human-computer interaction interface, so that the equipment can fully enter program automation control.

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The fully automatic hydraulic brick machine is characterized by a high degree of automation. After setting the size and strength of the bricks, all products that cannot meet the requirements can be automatically returned to the raw material bin and mixed and pressed again to ensure quality to the greatest extent.

Any concrete block machine hat can produce 4 hollow bricks with a specification of 390×190×190 (mm) at one time is called a 4-type machine; one that can produce 6 hollow blocks with a specification of 390×190×190 (mm) at one time is called a 6-type machine; the one that can produce 8 hollow blocks of 390×190×190 (mm) specifications at one time is called an 8-type machine.

Compared with traditional vibration forming machines, hydraulic brick machines can withstand more pressure and exhaust times during the pressing process. It can greatly improve the performance of autoclaved bricks. Due to the high pressure of the vibration molding machine, the water content during molding is relatively large, and there are a large number of voids in the bricks prepared, resulting in low strength of the bricks.

For setting up a complete production line for concrete blocks, another important equipment is concrete mixer. For better mixing effect, we recommend the twin shaft mixer for you. It has two horizontal mixing shafts with mixing arms and mixing blades. The JS500 concrete mixer can be used for this purpose, feeding 800 liters of material and producing half a cubic meter of concrete (500 liters) every 60 seconds, which is approximately 0.5 cubic meters of concrete.

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