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How to Choose Batching Machine for Wet Batch Concrete Plant

The concrete batching machine is a kind of automatic batching equipment used with the concrete mixer. They are two important parts of the wet batch concrete plant. It can automatically complete the batching process of 3-6 kinds of materials such as sand, stone, cement, etc. according to the concrete ratio designed by the user.


The concrete batching machine can be divided into two bins, three bins, four bins,etc. According to the model, it has a range of PLD800-PLD4500 batcher. The numbers in the model are distinguished by the capacity of the weighing hopper. There are more and more types of concrete batching machine, how to choose a suitable one for the concrete batching plant?

1. Production scale. You can choose concrete batching equipment according to the annual output.

2. In order to produce high-quality concrete, you must choose reliable batching machine from the known manufacturer such as Haomei Machinery.

3. Judge the production capacity of the concrete batching machine according to the size of the construction site.

4. We can choose a batching machine from those aspects such as equipment advancement, reliability, superiority and versatility.

5. At present, the wet batch concrete plants generally adopts a forced batching machine.

6. It is unwise to pursue the technical performance in an all-round way, it will increase unnecessary cost.

As an experienced concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has mature configuration for each model of wet mix concrete plant. It is certain that we can recommend suitable batching machine for your concrete plant.

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