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The Main Technical Parameters of Mobile Asphalt Plant For Sale

There are some main technical parameters of the mobile asphalt plant for sale for your reference, which helps you make a better choice if you like to buy an asphalt batching plant.

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1. Standard operating conditions

The standard operating conditions of the portable asphalt plant refers to that the ambient temperature is 20℃, the average water content of cold aggregate is 5%, the temperature of hot aggregate is 160℃, the cycle time is 45s, the atmospheric pressure is standard and the finished product is of medium grain. For the medium grained asphalt mixture, the maximum aggregate particle size is 16-19mm.

2. Structure

According to the production process, it is divided into: batch type and continuous type

According to the mode of transportation, it is divided into stationary asphalt plant and mobile asphalt plant for sale.

3. Design capacity

The design capacity of the mobile asphalt plant is mainly refers to the capacity of the mixing tank. The design capacity varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but basically there are 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 3000 kg, and 4000 kg.

4. Working period

The productivity of portable concrete plant is determined by the capacity of the mixing tank and the working cycle. The working cycle refers to the time difference from the discharging of the mixing tank to the next discharging. Under standard working conditions, it is generally 45s.

5. Productivity

It refers to the hourly output of asphalt mixing plant. For the batch type asphalt plant, the rated production rate is used to calibrate the production capacity of the equipment. For example, the rated productivity of the LBY-1000 portable asphalt plant is 80 t/h.

6. Installed power

It refers to the sum of the rated power of all electrical equipment for a set of asphalt mixing plant.

7. Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption refers to the weight of fuel consumed by the burner on the drying drum to produce 1 ton of qualified finished materials.

8. Emission index

The environmental emission indicators of mobile asphalt plant has two aspects: one is the pollutant emission concentration, and the other is the pollutant emission blackness. Before building an asphalt mixing plant, you can first have a knowledge of the local environmental protection polices. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the asphalt mixing plant price.

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